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  • 日本語
TILA’s class accepts “listening” training of natural Japanese from the beginner phase, letting students to be used to Japanese intonation, speed and functions. Listening to and repeating correct sentences will lead to improvements in Japanese skill languages. In intermediate lessons, we set the aim to not only passing N2 on JLPT, but also more concrete results, so our classes will reflect the aim. That’s why we enable to set a clear aim “Passing N2 before graduation” to students considering 1 and a half years study. And in 6 month classes of advanced lessons, we provide the practical Japanese which suits every aspects in the society beyond “foreigners speaking Japanese well”, and learn manners from strategical level, so that learners have no trouble in each stages. For simple Japanese learners or students who want to learn high-level Japanese, we can provide worthy programs for everyone.