Language School Dublin

General Language Skills
$1,025 / Course
Deepen your knowledge of the language and develop your confidence. This programme will enable you to further practice your language skills, especially speaking and writing. There will also be an opportunity to work on grammar points and pronunciation issues you have difficulty with.
General Language Skills
$1,822 / Course
Same as above.
General Language Skills
$2,528 / Course
Same as above.
Cambridge First (FCE)
$3,416 / Course
Our preparatory course for the First Certificate in English is comparable with the training of an archer. Perfectly instructed right up to the last minute, he draws back the bow, concentrates, aims... and hits the bullseye! You will tackle the official examination in exactly the same cool manner after completing the preparatory course. The target is in your sights and first-class preparation will help you in your aim. Just select one of the many destinations and enjoy interesting tuition. Top teachers, up-to-date teaching materials and skilled coaching support you in speaking, writing, listening and reading, with special focus placed on the examination requirements. You will be trained in exactly the same manner, so that you all you have to do on the day of the exam is fire the arrow and hit the target.
Cambridge Advanced (CAE)
$3,416 / Course
The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), known in short as ‘Advanced’, is a worthwhile goal when you require a very good knowledge of English for your job or you want to undertake studies in the English language. With this course, you can improve your general language skills and your abilities in writing, listening and reading. The teachers also prepare you for the examination in much the same way as a football trainer coaches his team for the Champions League final. You learn how to develop the correct strategies for the perfect approach to the test and you skilfully train your concentration so that you can recall all the important facts at the right moment.
Business English
$1,230 / Course
In the current commercial world, business English is no longer just a ‘nice to know’ skill, it is now a ‘need to know’ skill. The world is merging and business relationships are becoming increasingly international. Anyone who has to conduct negotiations, chair meetings, present projects, write emails or hold a telephone conversation will quickly find themselves held back by their inadequate skills using only the English they learned at school. In a business English course, you not only gain a comprehensive business vocabulary, but also practise specific business situations through roleplay, discussions and case studies. With optimal preparation, the traffic lights for your successful communication in the international business world turn to green.


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