Stepone College


$844 ~ $3,691

TownHall Station: 3mins walk
General English(20hrs/w):4weeks
General English(20hrs/w):8weeks
[Enrolment fee] $200(Student visa), $100(Other visas)
[Material fee]
2-4wks $60
5-10wks $100
11-15wks $125
16-25wks $175
26-35wks $225
36+wks $ 260
[Other fees]Please contact regarding OSHC
[Course] General English, Cambridge Preparation(FCE), EAP&IELTS Preparation
[Nationality] Europe 15%, South America25% Japan15%, Korea15%, South East Asia30% etc.
[Facility] Kitchen, Common Lounge, Study Room, PC room, Library, Vending machine, WIFI

[About School]
Why us?
1. Education
Step One College’s objectives are to:
-Provide quality language education and teacher training.
-Match courses closely to our students' educational needs, and to help them to achieve their learning goals.
-Provide an optimum learning environment to promote improvement of English skills
-Encourage and facilitate cross-cultural understanding
-Improve what we do continuously, in light of new developments in our field
And to do all this in a friendly, positive, supportive and helpful manner.

2. Teachers
Many of our teachers have lived overseas. All have taught in Australia and some have experience in teaching overseas.

Our teachers can help students understand Australian culture and society as many of them are born in Australia or have lived here for a very long time.

All are well qualified having university degrees, diplomas and certificates in TESOL. Some staff also hold postgraduate qualifications in linguistics and TESOL.

3. Help&Support
A close liaison between staff and students ensures that students receive individual care and attention.
Our experienced staff understand the difficulties students living abroad face and are ready to help students with them. Students can expect to get the correct advice on things like health services, welfare, accommodation and employment.


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Language: English, 日本語
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