Genki Japanese & Language School
Member since May, 2017
  • English, 日本語
We created GenkiJACS because we felt there were no schools that truly taught communicative Japanese for everyday life. We focused on our students interests` and decided to integrate cultural learning into all the classes, and also offer special courses focusing on Japanese Culture. If your dream is to live in Japan, we can help you find a way. Seize the day (今を生きる)

Genki Japanese School is a study abroad school for foreigners who want to learn Japanese in Japan. We have locations in Fukuoka City, in southern Japan, and in Tokyo. We specialize in teaching communicative Japanese and unlike most Japanese language schools, our courses are aimed at speakers of non-kanji languages (mainly, European languages). You can start any Monday throughout the year, and study for as many weeks as you like. We're the most flexible, fun and rewarding Japanese school in Japan!