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  • 日本語
Our language school is the gateway to the stage we call ‘the world’ for each one of our students. Every student sets off from his or her own country and takes their first step into the big wide world here. We are a new school providing solid education with clear goals to support these students taking the next step and work in an international environment. Our Japanese-language education course is designed for students not just to ‘study in Japan’ or ‘live in Japan’, but to ‘live in Japanese’, ‘think in Japanese’, and ‘create in Japanese’. One cannot become a world citizen simply by living and studying in Japan alone. By ‘living in Japanese’ and ‘thinking in Japanese’ one is able to broaden their world view and understand the differences between Japan and their own country. Our teachers are experienced in helping non-Japanese students attend famous universities and are here to support you to do the same. We also support students who desire to attend vocational schools to learn skills one cannot in university. We offer courses tailored to assist each student in entering the school that is right for them.