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Please tell us about your desired study abroad conditions.


Ex: Sydney, Australia
Ex: 1/Sep/2015
Ex: 50,000~70,000 yen
Ex: 4 months
Ex: Multinational student-base preferred / a school with many western students
Ex: Less is better / a few Japanese students at the same school will give me peace of mind)
Ex: Not particularly necessary / would appreciate the support of a Japanese speaker
Ex: In the city / in the suburbs
Ex: at least mid-sized / not bothered by scale
Ex: Stress importance on quality over cost / standard school fees
Ex: I want to be able to speak natural English / I'm on a working holiday visa looking for work and want to study somewhere advantageous to that
Ex: If you are unsure about something or have any questions about a particular school or course, please leave the URL above. (multiple questions are welcome)
Other Service
Ex: Message
Ex: This is my first time studying abroad and I'm at the stage of getting everything together.
Ex: 123456

Basic Information (Fill in the form in order for us to know you better and make an informed estimate)

Ex: 渋谷 光
Gender Ex: Female
Ex: 1/JAN/ 1990
Ex: 090-1234-5678
Ex: Hikaru-Shibuya-1990
Ex: Japan (Shibuya)
Ex: 2015/2/1 after 5pm
Ex: Working holiday
Ex: I'm planning to apply for a visa soon.
Ex: I'm aiming for 90,000 to 120,000 yen.
Ex: 15/Aug/2015
Ex: 1 year
Ex: Mass media communication
Ex: TOEIC550
Ex: I want to learn English working overseas / I want to use English in my future career.