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Space Fukushima
The sharehouse "Space Fukushima" opened in Umeda area May 2018. It takes 3 minutes to Umeda and 9 minutes to Namba by train without transit that you can use 3lines 3 stations. This area is very con...
kizunaya sharehouse-hitotoki- Osaka Tezukayama
『hitotoki』is a sharehouse that connects those who can’t imagine their life without “books”, “travel” and “coffee”. A large tree in the middle of the living room gathering the members – the sym...
Sanadayama House
In March 2014, a new share house "Sanadayama House" opened, only a 2-minute walk to Tennoji-ku, Funahashi-cho, from Tsuruhashi Station. This apartment is a conversion of the old business hotel "Ise...
【2018/March New open & build】Most comfy share house in Osaka. Why don't you live here? ■LOCATION : 5 minutes walk to station, convenience store, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and 1$ sho...
C's(Si:s) Share Shinosaka
C's(Si:s) share Shin-Osaka is a woman-only sharehouse built on seven concepts: fitness; beauty and relaxation; cooking; library; craft; cafe; and Asian. With seven rooms for five people, it's got a...
ama Share Osaka
A town of personality The town house of emotions in Osaka is located in the Tsurumi-bashi shopping street where the emotion of the downtown remains. A fully new share house "ama share Osaka" (13...
C's(Si:s) Share Hankyu Mikuni
C's(Si:s)share Hankyu Mikuni location is situated on the 14th floor of a high rise apartment building, allowing you to see the nightscape of the city beneath you in one glance. Originally the room...
Pama's House Tamade-Nishi I
"A quiet residential area, very comfortable and cozy. Large supermarket is located nearby, very convinient area to live. Good access to the city centre. 8 minutes to Namba station, 16 minutes to Um...
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machigoto hotel
Japanese Guest House by Tennoji Down Town
An old Japanese-style house that was built about 100 years ago. We have renovated the house with 150 people for 100...