The Gold Coast, known for its year round warm climate, is a resort destination that entices you with its nice weather and beautiful beaches. The CBD is relatively small, with more residential housing than bustling city streets. With friendly locals you will find it easy to integrate into society here. The Gold Coast is the perfect place to study English while enjoy not only surfing but a variety of other marine sports.
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ゴールドコーストへ来てからずーっと気になっていたのに、なかなか機会がなく行けていなかったところOutback Spectacularへ今日行ってきました!!【写真は、上記ウェブサイトから...
Jan, 10, 2016
道が閉ざされてしまいましたね・・・ 何のことかお分かりになりますか? 日本でも話題になっている様ですがラグビーワールドカップの日本代表のことです! サウスアフリカに勝...
Oct, 11, 2015
May, 2, 2016
Hi, there.プロフィール写真を変えてみたゴールドコースト在住7年のマキコです^^ 今日は、3.11。6年前の今日、私は、ゴールドコーストで震災のニュースを見ました。はじめ、テレ...
Mar, 11, 2017
スーパーマーケット 日本ではあまり料理をしていなかったこの私ですが、オーストラリアではそうはいきません。 なぜなら外食は日本に比べると非常に 高いから・・・ 吉野...
Sep, 28, 2015
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Langports English Language College Gold Coast Campus
[Enrolment fee] $230 [Material fee]$ 15 per week [Other fees] OSHC $49p/m [Course]UFO English, Cambridge Choice, TOEIC+, IELTS [Nationality] Switzerland 14%, Brazil 16%, Columbia 10%, Taiwan 10...
Oxford House College Gold Coast
[Enrolment fee] Student visa $250, non-student $100 [Material fee] Materials 1-10 Weeks $100, 10+weeks $10 p/w [Other fees] OSHC $54 per month [Course] General English, General English plus, IEL...
Language School Gold Coast
BROWNS Gold Coast campus is situated in the City of Gold Coast, close to the major shops and attractions, transports and within minutes to the beach. The language school offers first class language...
Griffith English Language Institute Gold Coast
[Enrolment fee]$200 [Material fee]Included in course tuition [Other fees] Please make an inquiry regarding OSHC fees. [Course] General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English Test ...
Lexis English Byron Bay
[Enrolment fee] $200 [Material fee] 1-8wks $110,9-17wks $165,18-24wks $235,25+ wks $285,Cambridge (All Courses) $180 [Other fees] OSH $49 [Course] General English, IELTS preparation, EAP, Cambri...
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