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Cocoro Mejiro
In August 2013, Cocoro Mejiro opened. Originally, it was the top floor of a building located 5 minutes from Mejiro Station on foot, which is the owner’s resident. This time it was fully renovated i...
Wood House
It has access to both JR and subway lines. It takes 30 minutes to walk to Ikebukuro. It takes 10 minutes by bus and 4 minutes by train. It's a very quiet environment, and the shopping district is v...
Ariya House Takinogawa
Ariya house akatsuka1 is located in a quiet residential area. It takes 5 minutes from Chikatetsu Akatsuki station Fukutohin line or Yurakucho line, and 8minutes from Shimoakatsuka station Tobu Tojo...
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